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We Care

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Suraj textiles as a company in the global market place seeks to ensure that the way we do business does not harm the people or the environment that surround us in any way. It is our responsibility to be able to provide our clients with a service par-excellence.

At the same time, our endeavour is to meet our ever evolving standards of sustainabilityAs a garment manufacturer and exporter, we are taking meaningful steps to reduce any adverse impact of our own footprints.

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Chemical Restrictions

We do not use any harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process. We are regularly updated on such lists of chemicals and our products are tested at reputed labs to ensure there are no harmful chemicals in our end products to ensure the health of not just our consumers, but also for the sake of our workers.

Social Compliance 

Suraj Textiles is member of Sedex and Amfori BSCI. Our factories are annually audited by independent third party agencies and audit reports can be made available on request.   We are also annually audited by our client’s based on their specific code of conduct.

Our latest audit reports are available on or on request.

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Sustainable Materials


Climate Change is a bitter reality today and we have to contribute towards it quickly and efficiently. We are increasingly working with our weavers to offer sustainable alternatives to regular fibres and fabrics. We now offer products made of BCI cotton, Organic cotton, Recycled cotton as an alternative to regular cotton fabrics. Recycled Polyester is now offered as an alternative to regular polyester fabric. We also offer Lenzing Modal, Lyocell as sustainable alternatives. These alternatives are a simple but increasingly effective way of managing some of the environmental distress we face and our endeavour is to ensure this trend continues. 

Certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), RCS (Recycle Claim Standard) or GRS ( Global Recycle Standard) can be made available on request.


Women in Work Place

We are proud to acknowledge that a  large percentage of our work force is women and a majority  of our products are made by women, for women. At Suraj Textiles, we follow a policy of 'Gender Equality' in all aspects of our business and are committed to provide a  safe and healthy working environment.

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