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Suraj Textiles is a one stop source for Garments and Fashion Accessories for leading brands around the world. Braving the changing dynamics and the fast evolving environment - Suraj Textiles has kept its distinct identity alive and has thrived in a uniquely competitive fashion industry.

With a full service facility that starts with design to producing the final product, the company takes pride in its craftsmanship, innovation, process and infrastructure.

The company has supplied fashion wear and accessories to over 70 premium labels, across Europe,North America, South America, Australia and Canada.

Vision & Mission

It is our mission to inspire you with garments & accessories that are always in trend and with a focus on good quality, and maintaining fair trade production practices.

Our brand name is synonymous with high-quality, timely delivery and continuous innovation.

From Design to Manufacturing

As a 360 manufacturing setup, we pride in our ability and intent to focus on each part of the process and the value chain. Right from working towards elevating the design specs of our projects, to the proactive approach we take towards fulfilment of international orders and expectations, the entire paradigm at Suraj Textiles is that of high quality and superior output. This is what sets us apart from other players, larger or smaller.


This marks the core of the process, we have an experienced team who creates international designs at high standards, across seasons.


We have access to a variety of fabrics and also have kept up with our social responsibility, using sustainable sources.


Accentuating fabrics with a wide variety of potential techniques enables us to offer an infinite combination of desirable pieces.

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We have fully functional units that go through regular superior quality checks to keep abreast with the latest in this field, and maintain price efficiency

Our Service


Suraj Textiles offers a wide range of services across the spectrum of the designing, planning and manufacturing paradigm. These are done keeping international benchmarks in mind.

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Our Clients

Through our inception to date, we have worked in tandem with leading as well as rising brands and possess the ability to cater to all kinds of expectations, globally.

In a world where factor prices and costs of production largely define the manufacturer-brand relationship paradigm, Suraj Textiles is proud of its heritage and its honourable and illustrious list of brand partner-ships. 

The management strongly believes that their passion, integrity and commitment to fashion in the real sense will make them a worthy suitor for those brands who are looking for alliances.

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