The Story Till Now

Founded by Mr Suraj Prakash Chopra, the story of Suraj Textiles started way back in 1940 and the legacy is still underway for this 3rd generation family owned business. 

With over 40 years experience in the industry, Suraj Textiles was formally incorporated in 1982 and has ever since honed its ability to produce reliable and high-quality produce. 

Suraj Textiles aspires to become the chosen partner for premium labels that seek original and imaginative designs and care for sustainable and fair trade practices.

A Picture Story

Inauguration of a Textile Mill in Bombay
Opening ceremony of the printing unit in Bombay
Chanderkala - The Sari Store
Chanderkala Sarees Established
Manufacturing now Established
Shirting & Suiting Innovators
Established as Exporter
Suraj Textiles ventured into exporting for the Middle East
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